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A Plethora of Learning Opportunities are Available.

We’re not your traditional firearm safety school. Anyone 21 and up who wishes to extend their horizons and become more confident and secure in handling firearms can enroll in one of our many classes. You must feel safe and in command of yourself to protect yourself and others. Allow us to calm your nerves and educate you on how to defend yourself, your family, and everyone you’re responsible for.

Concealed Carry Licenses

Do you want to get your concealed carry license? Our team of skilled instructors can teach you all of the skills you’ll need to responsibly exercise your right to keep and bear firearms under the Second Amendment. Get concealed carry certification for Virginia, Maryland, and Florida, and carry in 30 states (state-dependent).

Firearm Training, Education, and Certification

We provide Basic and Advanced Handgun Instruction, as well as Assault Rifle Instruction, Shotgun Instruction, and Non-Lethal Instruction, all designed to increase your firearm skill level and confidence. Even with just one virtual lesson, our competent and insightful instructors will impress you with the confidence boost, abilities, and knowledge you can gain.

Home Defense

Are you looking for a solution to keep what you own safe? Citizens frequently seek aid from other sources rather than developing the skills and acquiring information necessary to be prepared for the worst in their own homes. At Ready Aim Train, we provide home defense training to assist you and your family in preparing for the unexpected.

Private Security

No matter who or what you’re securing, you’ll need training and knowledge to be competent and effective in your profession. Our team will offer you the necessary training to help you achieve your objectives. Private security and security guards are encouraged to attend our courses to gain vital ideas and strategies to help them thrive in their careers. 

Non-Lethal Tools

We also offer courses with instruction and certification for OC (oleoresin capsicum) spray, handcuffing, and baton. You may opt to take these courses individually or as a package.

Our journey together will be simple

  • Register for courses.
  • Watch and review online training.
  • Live fire instructions on the range.
  • Get certified.
  • Connect with us.

In comparison to Maryland, the states of Virginia and Florida have fewer licensing requirements. The qualifications for firearm carrying licenses/permits in all three states include, but are not limited to, a clean background and history. However, individuals applying for the Maryland CCW permit are more likely to be granted a permit if they have a business that can be proven with three months’ worth of bank statements, possess active government clearances, or are able to present status as a realtor. This disclaimer applies to the Maryland CCW permit course for anyone, resident or non-resident, looking to receive that permit. Even if you have been issued a training certificate by Ready Aim Train, there is no guarantee that Maryland will grant you a permit if they find that you are not qualified for it. Should any of your applications for Maryland, Virginia, and Florida be denied due to a lack of knowledge of these states’ policies, Ready Aim Train will not be held liable.

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