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If preparation is key to survival,
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Our Courses

All-Inclusive Shooting Lessons

This course includes training and instruction for handguns, shotguns, and AR-15s.

AR-15 Shooting Lessons

This shooting course covers the AR-15 Platform and its Instruction and familiarizes students

Shotgun Shooting Lessons

This shooting course covers Shotgun Instruction and familiarizes students with using a shotgun

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Signing up for a firearms training course is a critical move. Whether you’ve never fired a gun before or are a seasoned pro, we have training programs for all skill levels. Our instructors provide vital hands-on expertise that significantly impacts your level of confidence and awareness of firearm use and safety, regardless of whatever program you enroll in. Whether you want to protect your family, improve your education and training as a security patrol guard on non-lethals, or further your private security career, we are on this journey with you.

Concealed Carry Licenses

Do you want to get your concealed carry license? Our team of skilled instructors can teach you all of the skills.

Private Security

Are you looking for a solution to keep what you own safe? Citizens frequently seek aid from other sources rather than developing the skills.

Home Defense

No matter who or what you’re securing, you’ll need training and knowledge to be competent and effective in your profession.

Ready Aim Train

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