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We encourage women, minorities, realtors, business owners, pro-gun proponents, Second Amendment supporters and advocates, and firearm owners to join our growing community.

See Firearm Safety and Self-Defense in a Different Light with Tim Solano

Get to know more about the inception of Ready Aim Train by knowing its Lead Instructor and Founder.

Timothy “Tim” D. Solano

Lead Instructor and Owner,
Ready Aim Train

Tim Solano is a Filipino who was born in Norfolk, Virginia, in January 1980. Music, racing, video games, DJing, firearms, and shooting ranges are all things that Tim enjoys. He is a man who values his family, and his family has always been and will continue to be his foundation. Tim received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland Global College (UMGC), previously known as the University of Maryland University College. In 2015, he received a Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity. He wanted his family to be proud of a first-time college graduate because he was the firstborn in the United States. Tim had a pretty tough time with this. But he was determined and ambitious, and he had the support and encouragement of his family to back him up. After being nurtured by a loving family, he grew passionate about educating others and sharing his expertise about his passions.

Apart from being known as “that vibrant, humorous, and energetic guy,” Tim is what some people would call a Jack of All Trades. He is diverse, with a little bit of knowledge in different areas of his profession instead of being fully knowledgeable in only one area. Tim has worked with cybersecurity, information technology, and communications in the military, an industry that is ever-evolving and indispensable. He has also had experience being a technical controller in the military, network and firewall engineer, enterprise management officer, consultant, armed security guard, special police officer, firearms and concealed carry instructor, non-lethal instructor, and private investigator. Tim has learned throughout his career that in today’s world, no matter how hard you try to prevent it, you will always leave a digital footprint. Instead of entirely masking your digital footprint, you should be able to minimize it.

Tim’s motto is “Prepare like you’ve never won, and perform like you’ve never lost.” This was evident in his military promotions and accolades throughout his career, backed by a plethora of information that led to numerous arrests and law enforcement assistance. Tim is an eight-year veteran who participated in the Global War on Terrorism, Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom, and post-9/11 tours. He has also worked in private security and investigation for seven years, including as a firearms instructor. He realized from his experience that the threat to life in the United States is just as imminent as it is in other countries. He believed that existing introductory classes on firearm safety and training were insufficient, and it was time to provide a better option than the standard training for the general public. Like any other natural leader, Tim felt driven to take matters into his own hands and formed Ready Aim Train after realizing that the necessity for firearms and concealed carry instruction and education is indelible. His organization provides a comprehensive and accurate option than existing firearm training courses for people who want to enhance their firearm expertise. As a Filipino and a minority, he is frequently misunderstood and viewed as “inexperienced” regarding firearms. Television and other kinds of media have a significant impact on how people perceive minority groups. If at all, his community is far from being portrayed favorably. As a result, Tim set out to influence people’s perceptions by creating a platform to demonstrate his abilities and expertise.

Ready Aim Train is dedicated to informing and encouraging the general public to view firearms and self-defense in a different light, rather than blindly accepting the premise that weapons are “evil” tools designed exclusively to cause injury or even death. Ready Aim Train fosters a positive and reassuring environment for those who want to protect themselves and their loved ones from danger and risk. Eloquent in his desire to correct the misinformed and bring forth a reputable identity towards Firearms and Self-Defense, along with his attention to detail and genuine concern for his students, Tim is leading Ready Aim Train to a bigger and brighter future.

Tim conquered and always found his way ahead no matter what obstacles he faced, having faith that the key to success is to put one foot forward and not look back. Tim intends Ready Aim Train to reach new heights by growing and expanding across the nation with well-developed teams, eventually leading to worldwide development, success, and distinction. His efforts to establish well-rounded connections with clients and pass on his initiatives, successes, and professionalism through word of mouth, promotion and advertisement have continued to boost the company’s reach. With Tim’s zealous drive and perseverance, this vision would come to fruition sooner rather than later.

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