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If preparation is key to survival,
wouldn’t you want to prepare yourself?

Especially when lives are at stake. Current times demand more flexibility and adaptability, which is why our team of instructors offers both comprehensive online training courses and hands-on live firearm instruction on the range. The training we provide is unyielding and meticulous because we want nothing more than to help you protect yourself from the unpleasant realities of the world.  Why settle for second best when you have the opportunity to be trained by the finest?

Ready Aim Train,
A Defense that Matters

There is no greater gift than peace of mind. Give yourself the assurance that comes from knowing you have the skills and knowledge to defend yourself and those you care about. Ready Aim Train is a reliable source for this assurance.

Self-Defense in a Different Light

“Ready, aim, fire,” as we see in movies, compels a significant need for people to be adequately educated and trained before pulling the trigger. Instead of mindlessly “firing,” we strive to “train” our students in a manner that conforms to different states’ laws.

Register and Enroll in One of Our Courses Today

Signing up for a firearms training course is a critical move. Whether you’ve never fired a gun before or are a seasoned pro, we have training programs for all skill levels. Our instructors provide vital hands-on expertise that significantly impacts your level of confidence and awareness of firearm use and safety, regardless of whatever program you enroll in. Whether you want to protect your family, improve your education and training as a security patrol guard on non-lethals, or further your private security career, we are on this journey with you.

Our classes fill up quickly, so secure a spot with us now! We have a course for every student, regardless of their skill or comfort level. We guarantee you that these courses will upgrade your current knowledge and understanding of firearms while providing hands-on training you won’t get anywhere else. Train and learn from the comfort of your own home. Get started by looking at our virtual and in-person course schedules. We at Ready Aim Train are excited to have you as a part of our program.


I look forward to our time of instruction and consider it an honor to provide you with my knowledge, experience, and training in any way that may help to defend you or your loved ones.

-Tim Solano

Ready Aim Train, a Defense that Matters

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